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    We are pleased to offer all three choir and both band classes for the 2023-2024 school year. We are excited to have everyone back. Please fill in all available information below to register your child(ren). You only need to register once per family.

    In order to use the facilities that we use for our program, we are required to maintain liability insurance. This insurance costs us $10 per child and is included in the tuition cost listed below. The costs listed below are per child. No family will be responsible for the cost of more than 3 children in CHOIR; however, the $10 insurance liability fee is still applicable for additional students. All students are responsible for band fees.

    In addition to completing the online registration, a parent/guardian from each family MUST SIGN a copy of the Media Release Form and the Behavioral and Facility Agreement Form. These forms will be available online.

    Tuition costs per student for the Fall 2023 Semester (one semester only):

    Band: $135
    Concert Choir (Ages 12-18): $95
    Music Adventures (Ages 5-7): $80
    Music Explorers (Ages 8-11): $80
    Band & Concert Choir Together: $190
    Band & Music Explorers Together: $175